Meet Your Stylists! 
Nicole Marks
Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Syracuse University and is the owner of Dynamic Fitness a Health and Wellness company which specializes in working with individuals, groups and corporations (corporate wellness) both physically and mentally to achieve an improved overall quality of life through fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and life coaching. Nicole has had a wealth of success by implementing a unique method of helping others achieve their goals and beyond and has worked with a lot of individuals with various health ailments. Nicole has a strong clinical background and knows first hand how difficult it is to live day to day with health ailments which affect your physical appearance. Nicole was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis in 2001 and due to the limited resources has had to learn how to live with the disease and how to strengthen her confidence, inner peace and overall happiness. Nicole has learned how to use makeup, eyelashes, and wigs to give a confident, comfortable and “true-self” appearance. Just because we are given these ailments does not mean we cannot still live a 100% happy and confident life! Helping people get healthy both mentally and physically is my passion I look forward to working with each and everyone of you!
Nastacia Marks
Co Founder
Nastacia is currently working on her Bachelor Degree in Business Management and also studies fashion design. Nastacia has won numerous awards for her business projects including her presentation of her shared company Dynamic Fitness, which is a Health, Wellness and Life Coaching business and her project Redefining Beauty a project which helped young girls/women build their self esteem and confidence. Both projects won National Awards. Nastacia is also an accomplished makeup artist and photographer. Nastacia’s passion in life is to help women and men build their self esteem and confidence by teaching them how to dress and look their best everyday!

Syril McCook
Syril has worked in the fashion and modeling industry for the last 10 years. Syril, was scouted and contracted by Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in high school. Syril has done promotional modeling for the past 10+ years including the Oscars in 2013. Syril also has a background in styling for the past 5+ years and has worked with some high profile clients for big events. Syril’s passion in life is to teach people how to style for their everyday look and for special events!
Audrey Kennedy 
Bio-Identical Hormone Researcher, Audrey has studied the effects of menopause and synthetic hormone use on the body and metabolism in general. Audrey has had huge success with her clients in teaching them how to help combat these effects and also how to minimize flaws in one's appearance by “how to dress for your body type”. Audrey is very passionate about helping as many women as possible not only look their best, but more importantly feeling their best!