Our Services 
Below are all of the services we offer. If you would like to purchase any of them please see the pricing page where they can be purchased as packages or seperatly. Thanks!

Wedding Makeup

-You will receive a full face of makeup including lashes.
-A full face of makeup includes primer, foundation, highlight and contouring, eye makeup, lashes, and lipstick.
-You will also receive a face mask to use at the end of your long day 

Male Makeovers 

-Building a successful wardrobe
-Accessorizing -belt shoes and tie
-Eyewear for your Face Shape
-Mens Grooming; haircut and styling, facial hair, teeth whitening
-How to play down problem areas by maximizing your strengths
-Choosing complimentary colors

Transgender Makeovers

-Male to Female or
-Female to Male
-Help with picking out hairstyles, wigs, hair extensions, makeup
-Shopping advice, how to dress for your personality
-This session will help you feel more confident to live with the identity you have longed to embrace

Medical Makeover

-Physically debilitating ailments such as but not limited to; cancer, alopecia, vitiligo, psoriasis, etc…
-We will do a complete mental and physical makeover where we teach you how to regain your confidence and learn how to live happy again
-how to feel comfortable in your own skin and gain true inner peace, and how to truly learn how to love yourself again!
-Hair and makeup lessons to teach you how to minimize the side effects of the ailments, hair styles and or helping with selecting and styling wigs 

Closet Makeover

-A Image Consultation with our wardrobe stylist to evaluate your current style and goals
-A complete overhaul of your closet where we get rid of unflattering items
-We will spend time having you try things on and figuring out what you would like to keep for sentimental purposes. This overhaul is going to be a physical and also a mental process to truly say out with the old me and BRING ON THE NEW ME!
-You will be taught how to create new looks and how to accessorize for each of the following; work, evening and casual wear.
-You will be provided with a guide on how to shop in the future

Personal Shopper

-We will have a day of “learning to shop”
-our main goal for this shopping trip is to teach you what clothes to buy according to color and, size and style.
-You will try on different clothes, shoes and accessories in various stores
-why or why not a look works for you


-Choosing a dress, shoes and accessories for the bride
-Choosing a tuxedo and shoes for the groom
-Deciding on the best colors and styles for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
-Consultation on wedding colors, theme, fashion and religious requirements
-10% for bringing them to a certain store
-Cohesive wardrobe for Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring Bearers, Flower Girl, and Parents of the bride and groom
-Reception Outfit, Honeymoon Outfits
-Bridal Hairstyles
-Wedding Diet and Fitness Program Offered Below

Dating Advice

-An initial consultation where we evaluate “dating history”
-what you are looking for versus what you should be looking for
-what's gone wrong and what’s gone right, and emotional and personality type
-We then teach you the “Yes” and “No’s” of dating,
-how to feel comfortable and most important CONFIDENT dating, biggest mistakes in dating, and learning to truly love yourself first
-A staged date will then be planned and implemented to see just how well you learned how to date and so that we can teach any necessary tips that would help

Dating Online 

-We will help you take photos to put on a dating website that make you look your best
-Hair and Makeup done for photo
-What to write about yourself in your profile
-What to do before and on a date

Diet and Fitness Program

-Initial assessment of goals, needs, and metabolism/bodytype
-Initial, periodic and final weigh in and measurements
-Personalized nutrition plan including grocery list
-Personal training sessions or customized workout plan by a degreed and certified Exercise Physiologist
-A fully customized maintenance plan

Female Makeover

Color and Body Analysis
-Choosing the Right Hairstyle and How to Maintain
-Minimizing your Flaws
-Beauty Makeover
-Shopping for Makeup, Personalized Makeover
-Natural vs Special Occasion Makeup

Makeup Lessons

-You will be taught what makeup to buy for your price range
-How to do your makeup according to the look you want to achieve, time management
-Natural vs Special Occasion Makeup